I, Jason Tiefenauer (a.k.a. “the Tiff”, a.k.a. “JTiff”, a.k.a. “guy with weird ears”), am a graphic designer specializing in mobile, web and print. I reside in Austin, Texas but design for businesses across the globe. I have also been known to photograph a thing or two, write the occasional copy, sketch from time to time and create animations and prototypes for clients (as well as myself).

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Business Administration. I graduated from William Woods University in Fulton, Missouri in 2002 and have been making clients happy by designing full-time since October of 2002 (I unloaded trucks for 6 weeks at Dollar General right after graduating and given the length of my employment, this client was, in fact, NOT happy).

I’ve worked for a variety of companies, from corporate in-house to ad agencies to bands. I’ve designed mobile applications, direct mail, posters, debit cards, web sites, vehicle wraps, packaging…you name it, I’ve probably done it once or twice.

That said, feel free to poke around my site. If you have any questions (or concerns, mom) you can hit me up here or email me at jason@jtiff.com. Enjoy my work!